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Emergency Dental Care in Van Buren

Emergency Dental Care in Van Buren

Emergency Dental Care Services in Arkansas 

Many patients in the Van Buren area require emergency dental services; several clinics are open on weekdays that offer high-quality dental care services. But an emergency can strike at any time, and most people are looking for a dentist that is open on Saturday if they are facing an emergency on the weekend. If you have a dental emergency call My Dentist in Van Buren at 479-262-2038.

The availability of emergency appointment at My Dentist in Van Buren depends on the schedule of our dentist and the availability of our staff who have the required expertise of handling emergencies under supervision of our dentist. 

These services are specifically aimed at emergencies related to oral, dentistry and maxillofacial treatments. The most common practice is to talk to our dentist over the phone and explain the symptoms. Depending on the symptoms our dentist will schedule an emergency appointment right away at our dental office in Van Buren, or it could be delayed for the next day visit so that the symptoms are properly diagnosed and treated.

Situations that Classify as Dental Emergency

Many situations are classified as dental emergencies, any of the incidents mentioned below will require appropriate treatment by an expert.

Injuries in Tooth, Jaw Fractures and Tongue

Any accident that involves sustaining major or minor injuries to the teeth, tongue, and jaws are major dental emergency scenarios. A person who has sustained any one or all of the injuries must be rushed to the oral health care clinic.

Bleeding or Sepsis

If the patient suffers from excessive bleeding after getting major treatment or any other type of oral surgery like wisdom teeth removal surgery, this condition requires a visit to the dentist to treat the symptoms on an urgent basis. In case of an infection or sepsis contact the dentist and get an emergency appointment.
If patients experience a toothache during off hours of the dental clinic, then it is important to contact any nearby clinic to receive emergency treatment.

Non-Emergency Situations and Symptoms

Other forms of tooth injuries do not usually require an emergency service. The following injuries do not count as emergency and can be dealt with another appointment where the patient and the expert can discuss their options and treatment. The non-emergency situations are:

Broken Teeth

Broken teeth are repaired in many ways, and it all depends on the amount of tooth structure involved and whether or not the tooth nerves are damaged along with the teeth. Damaged tooth extraction is also a non-emergency procedure that could require an alternative day appointment rather than an emergency.

There are different ways a dentist can use for treating the patients with broken teeth. The expert could suggest bonding, dental crown, implants or canal treatment and in the worst cases, the dentist could recommend getting a tooth extraction to avoid further damage.

Treatment of Loosened Teeth

Splinting procedures are responsible for treating loosened teeth. Splinting is a process that most dental experts recommend within six hours of an accident that caused the teeth to loosen up. A Root canal is another treatment that can be done properly at another scheduled visit.

Tooth Ache

There are different causes of a toothache; the most common causes are cavities and infections. A toothache is not considered as an emergency. Therefore, the dentist will usually suggest taking an analgesic to reduce the pain till an appointment iis fixed. At an alternate visit, the dentist will thoroughly examine the patient and suggest a corrective treatment like tooth extraction.

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