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Comprehensive Exams at My Dentist Van Buren

Comprehensive Exams at My Dentist Van Buren

Why Get a Comprehensive Exam for Your Teeth at My Dentist in Van Buren?

Getting comprehensive exams at My Dentist in Van Buren is a part of keeping a healthy routine for better oral health. Most experienced experts recommend scheduling a visit every six months or at least once a year. Make it a habit of maintaining healthy oral hygiene with regular  teeth cleaning that will help in preventing pain, tooth decay, removes tartar, calculus build up and help patients avoiding expensive restorative procedures.

Getting a complete checkup is very important to determine various potential problems like tooth decay, cracks, oral cancer, cavities, replacing worn out dental work such as metal fillings, discolored crowns, and gum diseases.

Procedures in Comprehensive Exam

Oral Screening

Oral screening is a part of a comprehensive exam conducted by our dentist at My Dentist in Van Buren . The screening uses a visual examination of all the teeth for any anomalies. Oral screening is important because it is used as a cancer prevention practice. Oral screening is not a complicated procedure. Most oral health experts examine the mouth for signs and symptoms of infections and locate abnormal areas within the mouth.

Diagnostic X-Ray

There are several benefits of getting an x-ray to identify problems like cavity buildup, gum problems, infections, bone structure, and the health of supporting tissues responsible for holding the teeth in place.

Dental x-rays show the lower and upper back of the teeth in a single view. The x-ray helps in a thorough examination of the teeth to locate small areas of decay below fillings and between the teeth. They are effective in determining infected bones or supporting tissues. X rays play a vital role in locating periodontal illnesses and cysts. Tumors in the mouth are diagnosed through dental x rays.

Dental X-ray passes through the mouth during a dental exam. The rays are absorbed in the denser parts of the teeth such as bone, supporting tissue, cheeks, and the gums before sticking the film. An oral health expert will determine whether a patient needs an x-ray or not depending on the dental history. Usually, a visit to the dentist office will recommend radiographs for new patients with no previous history of dental problems.

Teeth Cleaning

After conducting a comprehensive exam, the dentist will recommend the patient to opt for teeth cleaning procedure. This procedure is important for keeping the teeth clean and germ-free for a long time. Before our dentist begins the procedure, the hygienist will ask for patient’s health and dental history. History is an important part of the procedure. It helps the oral hygienist determine how to carry out the cleaning process without any problems or adverse effects.

After the history, the dental care professional will explain how the procedure will be performed, what are the various processes involved in the cleaning procedure and will also provide precautionary warnings about the teeth being sensitive after the treatment.

A mirror or using high tech intraoral cameras will help the patient understand different stages of the cleaning process. Patient can actually see the oral hygienist working and scraping dangerous calculus off the back molars. To make the procedure successful experts recommend regular brushing and flossing.

The Dental hygienist will provide patients with an updated primer and guidance on how to properly brush their teeth with a proper flossing technique.  With regular brushing and flossing after each meal, the teeth will remain healthy until the date for a next examination comes.

Diagnosis Treatment and Prevention of Gingivitis

Most people in the Van Buren, AR are suffer from gingivitis. It is one of the most common dental health problems among children and adults. A comprehensive dental examination by an expert will help reduce symptoms of gingivitis. Some common signs of gingivitis are bleeding gums during brushing teeth, using floss, and when an oral hygienist measures the pockets.

If a patient is diagnosed with gingivitis it indicates that the gums are reacting to an infection, they require urgent treatment and preventive methods. The dentist will recommend medication in severe cases. In minor cases, they would recommend a proper way of brushing and flossing to prevent bleeding gums.

Relationship Building with Patients 

Seeing how important oral health exams by a dental expert are, more and more clinics are offering services that build a strong and long-lasting relationship with its patients. The new and improved system for an oral exam is to follow the five-stages oral exam for better hygiene and oral health.

The stages of a comprehensive exam are:

Examination of Individual Tooth

A thorough examination of the mouth begins with the dental professional examining the condition of the gums and teeth. A thorough tooth-by-tooth study will determine the overall health of the patient. If any problems are detected the oral care expert will suggest proper treatment procedures to alleviate the symptoms or prevent a pending infection.

Periodontal Examination

Gums are an important part of the mouth; gums have the necessary supporting tissues that keep the teeth in their fixed place. A highly recommended health practice is to visit the oral expert for a complete periodontal examination. The exam will evaluate the overall condition of the mouth and determine any potential or existing oral health problems.

Getting a detailed periodontal evaluation is a method used for assessing the patient's gum health by closely examining:

  • Gums
  • Teeth
  • Bites
  • Risk factors and other health concerns
  • Bone structure
  • Plaque
  • Tartar buildup

A dental hygienist will perform this evaluation and look into each of the aforementioned areas for problems.

Cosmetic Exam

A beautiful smile is an after effect of healthy teeth and gums. Dental cleaning and other cosmetic exams will help the patient in getting the perfect smile. Availing services of an expert, oral health experts will help fight tooth decay and cavities. The oral health professional will suggest the patient to have cosmetic teeth cleaning, veneers, dental implants, and teeth whitening.

Over the years and the current lifestyle of busy routines and intake of fast foods, damage the teeth and gums. Getting an oral exam will help the patients restore their oral health by availing quality services from expert oral care providers.

Examination of Dental Implants

The examination will help patients in restoring their oral health and replace their missing teeth. Such a checkup will indicate how many potential teeth the patient can lose in the future due to an infection or other issues. The dental expert will provide suggestions on how to deal with losing a teeth and the different options available for dental implants.

Occlusal Checkup

This is an important checkup for everyone. The highly recommended checkup will introduce patients on how to take care of their teeth and gums. This checkup will help determine the underlying health concerns of the patient as well.

The dentist will look for symptoms of a headache, muscle palpation, assessment of a range of movement conducting bite tests will help the expert diagnose oral and other health problems.

Dental Examination is the Right Choice

A dental examination is a right process for everyone; experts suggest that instead of waiting for a toothache or gum problems to go away, the ideal choice is to visit the dentist for a thorough checkup. Without getting a proper checkup, the causes of a toothache will remain undiagnosed escalating the problem.

Delaying the exam could also mean that a minor infection that was easily treatable is now a major health concern with infection spread at an alarming rate. Most insurance generally covers two visits per year for an oral exam. Take advantage of this opportunity and schedule a visit today.

Benefits of a Dental Exam

There are different benefits that the patient can have if they take a routine dental exam. A comprehensive exam will include preventive methods suggested by the dentist. The check-up can also give a chance to the dental hygienist to be aware of their patient's history and suggest treatment according to their general health and oral history.

The dental expert will provide patients with detailed information on which treatment to get based on their symptoms. The experts will suggest a need-based or elective treatment for different types of oral health issues.

Availing cosmetic, multi-tooth and other treatment will give the patient a chance to improve their oral health and get the perfect smile that they always wanted. A cosmetic treatment is influential in giving the much-needed confidence that one can get with perfect white teeth.

Usually, a dentist office is a busy place and giving extra time to every patient is not possible in a limited time period. However, getting a regular oral health exam will help the patients prevent major teeth related issues if regular checkups are scheduled. The examination will diagnose problems before they turn into major issues that require expensive treatment.

An examination will help the patient understand different parts of the mouth and the problems that each part can have if dental hygiene tips are not followed. The dentist will inform the patient of the various health risks associated with not getting proper treatment. Ignoring the oral health issues is not a good practice.

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